follow your passion

Dominique Gabias, Propriétaire À l'apéro

Passionate about creating that perfect moment when we share a platter with our loved ones, the company À l’apéro was born with the intention of making you benefit from our expertise to wow your guests! You can enjoy your day without worrying about shopping, cleaning, cutting, arranging and baking bites. We take care of it for you down to the smallest detail!

a family story

Since I was very young, I have been waiting impatiently for the moment when the whole family gathered on Sunday evening to share an aperitif! I’ve always loved good cheeses, olives, bites, etc! And then the typical sentence: “Dominique does not eat too much there! Rank yourself up for dinner” … I was not very good at listening to instructions, that has not changed! So instead of doing like all caterers or restaurants, I created a concept of platters where the presentation and the flavors are impeccable!

Share a moment, share a platter!

The main reason why I created À l’apéro is to bring people together. There is something magical about sharing a moment, sharing a platter of good products chosen specifically for you. Very often this magic operates at the hour of 5 to 7! My mission: to create this WOW effect with my platters prepared with love, that you can feel this special attention behind each of my creations, because YOU are my inspiration!


What I see for our future, to you and me dear customers, friends, family; it is to build new business relationships and friendship. Eat and drink together! I sincerely hope that À apéro becomes your best ally in your office happy hours, your date nights et vos événements spéciaux!