Hello, I introduce myself Dominique, passionate about the good things in life. Si vous êtes sur cette page en ce moment, c’est parce que ma flamme entrepreneuriale m’a poussé à transformer ma passion de la création de plateaux (et celle de les partager avec ceux que j’aime) en entreprise en mars 2019. Indeed, I was at a stage in my life where I wanted something new, a breath of fresh air and above all to love what I do every day. When the time came to start the business project, I only asked myself one question: what is my favorite time of day? The answer created the concept À l’apéro! Creating a magnificent platter with good products such as our local cheeses, olives, roasted nuts, and creating bites that go well with my favorite wines, is definitely a joy in my life. The idea with À l’apéro is to have an experience. Discover different products, taste blends of flavors, have the opportunity to encourage local products and local entrepreneurs.

Share a moment, share a platter!

Through the last years of the pandemic, the whole world has changed. À l’apéro relies not only on local purchasing but on entrepreneurship in our regions of Quebec with the opportunity to become a Creator and be able to generate income from home by having fun creating platters with our recipes and key concept in hand suitable. Our mission is to impact our community by spreading the pleasure of sharing! Hence our slogan “Share a moment, share a platter!” Every platter matters, every moment of life must be celebrated with our loved ones, family, friends, colleagues, etc.! Le souci du détail dans nos plateaux est notre signature! The presentation always gets people talking and that’s why we know that À l’apéro will be a key element of your special occasions! Our secret is that our Creators prepare each platter with love. Je suis extrêmement reconnaissante de voir notre entreprise grandir dans de nouvelles régions! It is with a lot of work, rigor and heart that we have been able to develop our menu, our techniques, our web platform, our business relationships. À l’apéro today, it’s a family, an opportunity to build relations.

Thank you for becoming a part of our family!


À l’apéro’s vision is to impact the most passionate women by offering them a constantly evolving opportunity, as well as to offer an experience to our customers across Quebec, Canada and several other countries!